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The Atlantic Shores geoscience team is conducting a multi-year investigation of seabed conditions in our lease areas and cable corridors to support project engineering.

Geoscience, which includes geophysical and geotechnical- or G&G, combines both science and engineering. Atlantic Shores’ G&G campaign works to create a map of the seabed in order to better understand the environment in which turbines will be constructed. This work is integral to designing the front end engineering aspects of an offshore wind project and is necessary for meeting both permitting and regulatory requirements.

More than 85 United States based personnel and 6 US survey vessels are engaged in the campaign, including 3 New Jersey-owned and operated vessels.

GPS Coordinates for Lease Area Boundaries

Lease Area 0499


Lease Area 0549


Lease Area 0541


Buoy data supports research and is shared with mariners

Our survey activities are critical in understanding the seabed conditions within Atlantic Shores’ Lease Areas.

We deployed four metocean buoys near Lease Area 0499 to gather ocean and air observations. The data collected by the buoys helps us to measure wind, ocean and weather conditions in order to inform the best development strategy for turbines. The data also contributes to the ongoing research, monitoring, modeling and analysis efforts of US governmental and academic institutions in the Mid-Atlantic region.

As part of our efforts we are proud to partner with MARACOOS to publicly release the data from all the buoys by using their web platform. Three of the buoys have completed their missions and were moved to new locations, and one is still actively recording data.

*Photos courtesy of Fugro


Wind Speed
Wind From Direction
Air Temperature
Sea Water Temperature At 1m
Sea Surface Wave Significant Height
Sea Surface Wave From Direction
Relative Humidity
Air Pressure

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Fisheries communication plan

Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind is actively working with the fishing community – both commercial and recreational – to understand their concerns and create a development plan with as little impact on fishing as possible. Our team aims to find a balance in the shared use of our ocean by seeking to understand and mitigate any potential effects our activities may have on the environment, wildlife, and industries that fuel our local economies. Our fisheries communication plan outlines ways fishermen can communicate concerns to our development team and methods Atlantic Shores will utilize to keep the fishermen informed and educated about our projects.

Fisheries Communications Plan – Lease Area OCS-A 0499

Fisheries Communications Plan – Lease Area OCS-A 0541

Meet our Mariners

Kevin Wark

Fisheries Liaison Officer

Kevin is the owner of the Dana Christine, a fishing vessel he operates out of Barnegat Light, and a member of the Garden State Seafood Association. As a third-generation resident of Long Beach Island who’s been fishing full-time for 39 years, he understands both the commercial and recreational fishing industry in New Jersey. Kevin’s job as the Atlantic Shores Fisheries Liaison Officer is to bring fishermen’s voices to Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind as a developer, so that we can work together to find the right balance in the shared use of our ocean and collaborate for the betterment of both our industries. He is here to listen to fishermen of all sectors and welcomes your questions, concerns and ideas. | 609-290-8577

Brady Lybarger

Mobile Gear Fishing Representative

Brady is the owner of a direct-to-consumer seafood business based out of Cape May. He is the owner of F/V Salted and takes part in the commercial hook and line fishery. Brady has also participated in the commercial scallop fishery since 1999 and has been a captain for the past 13 years. He is a scallop advisory panel member for the New England Fishery Management Council and understands both the commercial and recreational fishing industry in New Jersey. Brady’s job as the Atlantic Shores Mobile Gear Fishing Representative is to bring fishermen’s voices, ideas, and concerns to Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind. Brady is here to listen to fishermen of all sectors and welcomes your questions, concerns, and ideas. | 609-602-1417

Adam Nowalsky

Recreational Fishing Representative

Adam has been a licensed charter fishing captain for over two decades. He has long been involved in fisheries management, beginning by serving on citizen advisory committees of the New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council before becoming a New Jersey representative to both the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council. Adam also serves on the Board of Directors and is a past chairman of the New Jersey Chapter of the Recreational Fishing Alliance. Adam is the main point of contact within the NJ-based recreational fishing industry for Atlantic Shores. He will share information to and from the recreational fishing community stakeholders that are actively fishing in proximity to the Atlantic Shores Lease area, in a timely and all-inclusive manner. | 609 618-0366

Tom Dameron

Surf Clam Fisheries Representative

Tom has dedicated over four decades to the clam industry, including three decades on the water as captain or crew. He serves on the Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Advisory Panel of the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council and the U.S. Coast Guard’s National Commercial Fishing Vessel Safety Advisory Committee. Tom is also actively involved with the Science Center for Marine Fisheries as an Industry Advisory Board member, the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference and multiple cooperative research projects. As the primary contact for the surfclam and ocean quahog fishing industry with Atlantic Shores, Tom facilitates timely communication between commercial fishing community stakeholders and Atlantic Shores regarding activities near the lease areas.

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Gear Loss Reimbursement Form

Atlantic Shores and our contractors will make every attempt to avoid damaging fishing gear in our lease area during surveys, construction, and operations. If a fisherman experiences gear loss or damage that they believe was caused by or the result of Atlantic Shores’ activities, they should complete our Gear Loss Reimbursement Form.

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